Co-creating Covid Community Memorials

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An opportunity for any groups, community members and interested folks to join the Connected Communities team and our Phase 2 Artist, Aeneas Wilder, for an Open House to discuss how the Remembering Together Project has continued to evolve since the conclusion of Phase One. 

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Remembering Together is a national project delivered by Greenspace Scotland to acknowledge moments of reflection, remembrance, hope and healing with communities across Scotland. icecream architecture has developed a programme of engagement to meet and speak with the communities of North Ayrshire about their pandemic experiences. These experiences have fed into phase 2 of the project, which seeks to find out how these experiences can take form in a physical structure.

The Map of Memories was developed by icecream architecture to tease out people’s memories, ideas, and thoughts, framed within several themes: Coping Strategies, Joy, Courage, Isolation, Community, Online Connectivity, Frustration, Support, Hobbies, Loss, and Change. This map still holds stories from the communities of North Ayrshire about specific experiences they encountered - see below. From the diverse range of individual reflections, the three most referenced themes were Coping Strategies, Communities and Isolation.

These themes were taken into phase 2 and explored with more community groups to understand how we might begin to commemorate them.

You can view the activities undertaken in the phase 2 workshops in more detail from the Updates page.

Our team has refined the physical structure designs, incorporating insights gained from recent workshops. We value your feedback on these designs, as it will play a crucial role in shaping the project's development brief.

Please visit the Updates page to view the designs and leave your comments to contribute to the ongoing development of the Remembering Together: Community Covid Memorial in North Ayrshire.

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